Cover to Cover

If we want to grow daily as followers of Jesus Christ, it is essential we spend time in our Bibles. God’s Word is a source of life! Our 4-year schedule includes reading a daily chapter from the Bible, Monday through Saturday. When completed over four years, together we will have read every verse in the Bible from cover to cover.

The dates of the current Cover to Cover schedule are March 7, 2019, to December 19, 2022. You can jump in at any time though! Join our church-wide commitment to reading the Bible; find our most current reading schedule here

Cover to Cover also includes a devotional to help you understand the daily chapter. You can view the devotional on the Cover to Cover Blog

To help you stay committed to reading with us, we have three helpful tools available:

  • Daily email with the passage and a daily devotional
  • Daily text with a link to the passage and daily devotional
  • Booklet with the daily passages listed (Note: It does not include the devotional).
  • Booklets are available at the Welcome Center at each of our sites.

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