Delighting in Deuteronomy


One of the best strategies to resist the temptations that come our way through the hand of Satan and his forces is to remember and even quote the Bible. This … Continued

He Still Gets Us


Whether you love grammar or loathe it, we need to pay attention to it because small variations can result in vastly different meanings. In the past few blog posts, we … Continued

We Will Get Him


Christmas and Easter are typically viewed as the two most important days of the year for Christians because they celebrate key truths of the Christian faith. When we celebrate Jesus’s … Continued

Why He Got Us


“Why?” This question often asked by an inquisitive child is not childish, but rather one that we should continue to ask throughout our lives because it is important not just … Continued

How He Doesn’t Get Us


A key theme in the New Testament Book of Hebrews is that Jesus “gets us” because he became “like his brothers and sisters in every way” (Hebrews 2:17) and has … Continued

What He Gets About Us


I’ve previously written about how Jesus’s conception by the Holy Spirit and birth by the Virgin Mary reminds us who we are referring to when we say “He gets us” … Continued

Who Gets Us?


A number of years ago, I read a book written by a pastor whose ministry I had been following with admiration. In his book he raised the question of whether … Continued

How the Book of Hebrews Shows Us That “He Get Us”


Faith Church kicked off a sermon series this past weekend exploring a truth about Jesus that has been placed on billboards and TV commercials over the past couple of years:“He … Continued

Questions About the Return of Jesus and the End Times: Resurrection, the Mark of the Beast, and Going to Heaven


This is the final post in which I am answering questions about Jesus’s return and the end times that we received. While I devoted an entire post to the questions … Continued

Questions About the Return of Jesus and the End Times: Millennial Kingdom and Preterism


When we invited people at Faith Church to ask questions about Jesus’s return and the end times, we received multiple questions about two topics that I have written about in … Continued

Questions About the Return of Jesus and the End Times: Israel


Last Fall we invited people to submit questions about the end times and Jesus’s return; the results indicated two topics of great interest. One was the rapture, which I discussed … Continued

Questions About the Return of Jesus and the End Times: Rapture


In the Fall of 2023, Faith Church’s sermon series through the Gospel of Mark examined the Olivet Discourse found in Mark 13. In this discourse (which is also found in … Continued

Why We Should Love (the Book of) Numbers


As I write this post, we are about to begin reading the Book of Numbers in Faith Church’s 4 Year Bible Reading Plan. This Old Testament book is rarely mentioned … Continued

What’s Leavening You? (Matthew 13:33 and 16:6, 11-12)


One thing I really enjoy about using Faith Church’s 4 Year Bible Reading Plan to read through the entire Bible in 4 years by reading a chapter a day (6 … Continued

God is Still With Us


During the Christmas season we proclaim (and sing!) that Jesus is Emmanuel/Immanuel (these words mean the same and come from how it is transliterated into English from Hebrew – Immanuel … Continued

Songs of Christmas: Joy to the World


Even though we are past Christmas, I thought it would be good to explore one more well-known Christmas song – “Joy to the World” – because it is actually not … Continued

Songs of Christmas: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear


Many of our most well-known and beloved Christmas songs have origins in other countries (and in other languages), but there are a few that were written in America. One of … Continued

Songs of Christmas: Angels We Have Heard on HIgh


If there was a formula to write a popular song, I highly doubt that Latin words or singing a word for over 12 beats (and moving up and down through … Continued

Songs of Christmas: God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen


Many of the Christmas carols we sing are translations from other languages. Other songs were originally written in English but use words that are uncommon or outdated, and thus need … Continued

Songs of Christmas: O Come O COme Emmanuel


Back in 2012, I decided to use the blog posts leading up to Christmas to explore the stories behind and meanings of various songs we sing in the Christmas season. … Continued

A Book I’m Thankful For


There are many things I am thankful for this year, one of which is a book I recently read: Christopher Watkin’s Biblical Critical Theory: How the Bible’s Unfolding Story Makes … Continued

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Complicated Conversations

Truth in Genesis

What’s truth? We live in a society where people tend to define their own truths, using their own guidelines. Where values and beliefs are spun in such a way that makes us question if God’s way really is the best.

But does a Universal Truth exist? We believe there is and it’s been recorded in roughly 757,000 words. We invite you to join us as we open that source, God’s Word, and equip you to have complicated conversations with those who are defining their own truth.

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