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EXODUS: god always has a plan


Series: EXODUS: God always has a plan

Title: God Protects His people

Text: Exodus 15:1-21


  • Before they were safely across the Red Sea, seeing Pharaoh on their heels brought great fear to the Israelites. Read about it in Exodus 14:10-12. But then, what was Moses’ response to their fear (14:13-14)? Quite different from the guy who had to be convinced to take the job!
  • This passage is a celebration of God’s protection. Moses and his people are so grateful for God’s work in their lives. List each mention of God’s protection – in a way the Israelites could not have protected themselves.
  • While they had been seeking God’s intervention for some time, the Israelites were finally sent out of Egypt after the 10th and final plague. God’s protection was neither immediate or unopposed. What other biblical stories can you think of where God provided miraculous protection?


  • In the verses from chapter 14 mentioned above, Moses shifted the focus of the Israelites from what to what?  Have you ever known someone who always focuses on the negative? How does an “attention shift” make a difference?
  • Just like the Israelites, we can be quick to doubt God’s presence in our daily situations. By sharing our stories of God’s faithfulness we can encourage one another. Do you have a story of God’s protection?


  • Miraculous accounts like these help us remember that ours Is the same God who rescued the Israelites. In this account, God proved Himself greater than any circumstances. What circumstances are you facing today that requires a God-sized answer?

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see how God was preparing Moses for this big assignment. Have you taken the time to look back over your life and see what assignment God has waiting for you? The Journey (offered each fall at Faith Church locations) has been especially helpful for people as they pursue God’s next assignment. If you are interested, contact Marilyn at

“When we are in God’s will, we are untouchable until He is finished with us.” A.W. Tozer

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