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Continue the Conversation Questions
Gone Fishing | Scripture Reference: Scripture: Acts 17:16-34
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

  1. Share what this series has done in you so far? Are you noticing any changes in yourself?
  2. How do you engage in conversation with someone who is disconnected from God?
  3. If you had a brief moment to give an “Elevator Speech” regarding your faith, what would be included?
  4. Who are you currently praying for that God would connect them to His Gospel?
  5. If you have engaged people with the Gospel, what has their response been?
  6. When you see sin & brokenness in the world, do you have a tendency to disengage or engage your faith? Why or why not?”
  7. In what ways can you take your faith with you into your work? Your home? Your leisure?”

Current Series

A Journey Through Joshua

Sometimes, it’s hard to obey what God says. But have you ever considered what one moment of obedience can mean when God’s responsible for the outcome? Journey with us through Joshua as we highlight the strength, courage and obedience the Lord asked of His covenant people and He continues to ask of us today.

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