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Series: Good Question

Topic: Satisfaction: How can I be happy?

Text:  John 6:22-35


  • Earlier in this chapter Jesus fed 5,000 men (plus women and children) til their bellies were full. Then the people went looking for Jesus. When they found him, this was his response in verse 27, “Don’t work for the food that perishes but for the food that lasts for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you…” Talk with your group about what the people were seeking as opposed to what Jesus was offering.
  • Much of the conversation in this text revolves around food. How can the satisfaction of being fed get in our way?
  •  It is so easy to confuse “doing” with “being.” What is Jesus saying in this text about what He wants from us?


  •  A desire to be happy is universal, it seems. But nowhere stronger than in the USA where its pursuit is promised in our Declaration of Independence. Ours is not a prosperity gospel. Yet we live in a rich nation compared to the rest of the world. “Studies find a very weak correlation between wealth and contentment, and the more prosperous a society grows, the more common is depression.” Tim Keller. Discuss this quote with your group.
  • Talk about people you know who seem really happy. How does their level of happiness correspond to their accumulation of stuff?
  • All of us have made purchases or decisions that we thought would bring some degree of happiness. Talk to your group about when that was true of you and what was the result. Did those decisions bring happiness or maybe pockets of happiness?


  • In the midst of our plenty, how can we keep focused on what is important?
  • In verses 34-35, we read, “‘Sir, give us this bread always.’  ‘I am the bread of life,’ Jesus told them. ‘No one who comes to me will ever be hungry, and no one who believes in me will ever be thirsty again.’” Talk about Jesus’ teaching that says fulfillment/satisfaction is not found in what he teaches but in himself.

“While other worldviews lead us to sit in the midst of life’s joys, foreseeing the coming sorrows, Christianity empowers its people to sit in the midst of this world’s sorrows, tasting the coming joy.”  – Tim Keller

Current Series

He Gets Us

Though Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, He still knows about the problems you face today. Not only does Jesus know what plagues us as a culture, He gets us. Jesus can relate. He was tempted, too. He was disrespected, too. He was doubted, too. He mourned, too. He suffered, too.

Faith Church is joining other churches in the Chicagoland area for the series, He Gets Us. We’ll explore that Jesus knows about our insecurity, exhaustion, anxiety, guilt, loneliness and grief. Join us for this new series as we find assurance in knowing we aren’t alone in this world. We have a Savior who gets us and cares about what we are feeling.

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