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Hey God….What Should I Do?


Continuing the Conversation Questions
Hey God | Scripture Reference: Psalm 19
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

1.    Read Psalm 19: 1-6. How does David say God reveals/speaks to us in these verses?
2.    When God speaks through creation, it is called a general revelation. Think about the most beautiful, breath-taking view of nature you have ever seen. How has your understanding of God as Creator of the world helped you worship him? How has this understanding given you strength and stability as a Christian?
3.    Read Psalm 19:7-11. How does David say God reveals/speaks to us in these verses?
4.    When God speaks through his Word, it is called a special revelation. What are some things we would never know about God and our relationship to him through nature alone? In verse 10 David expresses the value of God’s Word in his life. Put this verse into your own words.
5.    In verses 7 – 10, what happens in us when we hear from God?
6.    Read Psalm 19:12-14. According to verse 14, what should our response be?

Current Series

The Ten Commandments

Most people know about the Ten Commandments, even if they do not necessarily know what they are. Rather than viewing them as relics of another time, the Ten Commandments reflect how we can love God and love others. Our response to them matters because it shows whether or not we trust God and believe what He says is best for us. Join us as we explore how the Ten Commandments lead us to a better way of life.

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