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Series:  Immeasurably More

Topic: What Brings Joy?

Text:  Acts 20:35

SCRIPTURE: Many have heard the words in this text, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” all our lives. As children, those words didn’t always make sense. Do you remember an “a-ha” moment when those words became reality to you?

In adulthood, we are more likely to “get it.” What do those words mean to you today – in your everydayness of life? 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Is God nudging you in these giving conversations? Is He suggesting you might be holding too tightly to something that is robbing you of present joy and future reward?

What is keeping you from experiencing a goal of giving more? 

TRANSFORMATION: The word “radical” gets thrown around quite a bit these days, usually in a negative sense. When have you witnessed a “radical act of giving?” What does that look like?

What act of giving can you commit to this week – as an individual, family or community? Maybe it’s a big tip or a small gift or maybe something radical. Talk with your group and/or family about what this could look like.

 “The most obvious lesson in Christ’s teaching is that there is no happiness in having or getting anything, but only in giving.”  Tim  Keller

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