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Leadership Next – August 10&11


Continue the Conversation Questions
Minor Prophets | Scripture Reference: Mark 10:35-45
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

  1. What did James and John request of Jesus?
  2. How is their request similar to the way we pray to God?
  3. Read Mark 10:42-45.  Summarize it in your own words.
  4. Jesus defines greatness as someone who is a servant to all.  How does this go against what we think of greatness?
  5. No one is below us.  We are called to freely and lovingly serve everyone.  Who is God calling you to serve?

Current Series

A Journey Through Joshua

Sometimes, it’s hard to obey what God says. But have you ever considered what one moment of obedience can mean when God’s responsible for the outcome? Journey with us through Joshua as we highlight the strength, courage and obedience the Lord asked of His covenant people and He continues to ask of us today.

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