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Organic disciples – week 2


Small Group Questions – Week 2

Bible Engagement

The Bible is the bestselling book in the history of the world. The entire Bible has been translated into more than 700 languages, the New Testament into an additional 1,550 languages, and portions of Scripture are now available in another 1,160 languages.

When did you receive your first Bible? What were you taught about the truth, authority and practical nature of the Bible?


The Bible is the Holy Spirit-breathed truth. Jesus is called “the living Word of God.” When He walked on earth, Jesus showed us how He loved the written Word. He knew it, quoted it, and let the Scriptures speak to Him and through Him. What are some examples of this?

Read Matthew 4:1-11. In an epic spiritual battle, Jesus quoted from the Book of Deuteronomy three times. How can God’s Word help us in times of spiritual battles? Do you have examples in your life?


Bible engagement requires us to do three things: to love, to know and to follow God’s Word.

●        Love – What value do we place on Scripture?

●        Know – What does this require of us?

●        Follow – Can we know it but not follow it?

Read Psalm 119:97-100. What does it look like to love God’s truth at a deeper level?


What are the consequences of “knowing” the Bible but not mirroring it in our lives?

Even when it is challenging or rubs against our preconceived notions, we are called to adjust our lives to the teaching of the Bible. What does that look like? Can you think of some examples?

When you reflect on what you have learned in this session, what is one specific thing you can do to improve your current Bible engagement?

Pray for one another:

●        Thank God for His Word

●        Ask for strength and discipline to love and know it

●        Ask for confidence in the truthfulness of His Word

●        Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the Good News revealed throughout Scripture and ask for opportunities to share these messages of hope with people in your world who are looking for life-giving answers.

The biblical narrative invites us into God’s search for the lost. The God of the Bible is never passive. He is always on the move.

If you haven’t yet taken the Spiritual Growth Assessment, here’s the link

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