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Series: Say I Won’t

Title: Say I Won’t Be the Speaker

Text:  Jeremiah 1:4-10

Scripture:  Sometimes God just says “Say this,” or Do this.”  And sometimes we don’t want to hear that instruction. Jeremiah was a teenager when God spoke directly to him and told him what to say. Unfortunately, Jeremiah’s message was not going to be a popular one.

What “excuses” did God dismiss?

What other excuses could Jeremiah have used?

Accountability: When God gives us marching orders (and He does, if we are listening), what is our response? How can we “test” the instructions to determine if this is really from God?

Share when you’ve felt His call to do or to say something.

Transformation: Like Jeremiah, we often feel ill-equipped for the task. “Youth and inexperience do not disqualify when God calls (I Timothy 4:12); he equips and sustains those he commissions.”  (NIV Study Bible)

Have you ever felt inadequate to do what God has put before you?

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