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stepping into the lord’s prayer


SERIES:  Stepping into the Lord’s Prayer

TOPIC:  The Kitchen

TEXT:  Matthew 6:11, 25-34

SCRIPTURE: Many of us have never had to worry about our next meal. But some have. Maybe your anxiety trigger is finances or safety or health. In these past two years we’ve certainly added to the possibilities. 

Let’s look at the broader direction of “do not be anxious about your life.” As  you read this passage, what is to be gained by fretting over an issue?

ACCOUNTABILITY: Think about this week. What caused you the most anxiety? Is it possible to “decide” not to be anxious? Can we control that all on our own? What does trusting in God look like?

God is our provider. We are thankful for His provision of doctors and medicine to help with anxiety at times.

TRANSFORMATION: Share with your group a time when you were anxious and you decided to call out for help – to the Lord, to a godly friend – what difference did that make? Is there a path forward to help us not live lives filled with anxiety?

What do others see in your life? Do they see someone who rests in God’s provision even when things are not looking good? 

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