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The Life-Altering YES


Continuing the Conversation Questions
Say Yes | Scripture Reference: Luke 1:26-38
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

1. Read Luke 1 26-38. Can you relate to Mary’s unconditional “yes” to God, or is your “yes” often conditional? Share some experiences in which you struggled to trust God.
2. In Luke 1:32 Gabriel says that Jesus will be “great.” Then he describes four things that Jesus will be or have or do. What are they? What is important about these descriptors?
3. What progression do you see in Mary’s responses in Luke 1:29, 34, and 38? How does Gabriel answer her question about how this could happen? Have you ever experienced going from confusion to questioning to faith? What was the situation?
4. In Luke 1:37 the angel tells Mary that “nothing will be impossible with God.” How should that response comfort and encourage us today?

Current Series

He Gets Us

Though Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, He still knows about the problems you face today. Not only does Jesus know what plagues us as a culture, He gets us. Jesus can relate. He was tempted, too. He was disrespected, too. He was doubted, too. He mourned, too. He suffered, too.

Faith Church is joining other churches in the Chicagoland area for the series, He Gets Us. We’ll explore that Jesus knows about our insecurity, exhaustion, anxiety, guilt, loneliness and grief. Join us for this new series as we find assurance in knowing we aren’t alone in this world. We have a Savior who gets us and cares about what we are feeling.

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