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Series:  Why? Find Hope and Healing in Suffering

Topic: The Healthy Heart

Text: Psalm 73

SCRIPTURE: The writer seems to be struggling with a season of “life isn’t fair.” We all can go there at times, feeling that people who are far from God or even opposing God can flourish while His followers suffer. 

Where do you find the “turn” in the Psalmist’s words, when he comes back to focusing the goodness of God?

ACCOUNTABILITY: Unpack with your group the writer’s feelings In verses 4-15. When have you felt what he describes? 

 Have you ever experienced your faith being “shaken,” as the Psalmist describes in verse 2, “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled, my steps had nearly slipped”?  If you are comfortable, share with your group the details of that season in your life. 

TRANSFORMATION:  In tough times, what has kept you from walking away from God? Or if you have, what has brought you back?

Author Paul Tripp says, “Envy quickly morphs into anger, the anger looks for an object, and finally envy shuts the heart off from trust in God.” Talk about the pitfalls and the solution to letting envy take hold in our lives.

A Prayer

Father, as we venture deeper into a fresh perspective of our journey, may you keep us in your love. Grace us with a growing ability to know your love, receive your love, and walk in your love – which is to say, to know, receive, and walk with you. You know how confounding life can be at times. Jesus, you have suffered the worst suffering of all humanity. You know us, you see us, you are with us. Please grow in us eyes to see and ears to hear that we may follow you and trust you wherever you lead. Our desire is to grow in your love and to become men and women of wisdom and faith so as to companion others in the beauty and sufferings of this life.” Amen

Scott Shaum (“The Uninvited Companion”)

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