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Series: Why? Find Hope and Meaning in Suffering

Topic: The Hopeful Heart

Text: Psalm 13

SCRIPTURE: When we take a trip, we always want to know, “How long till we get there?” When we anticipate a surgery, we ask, “How long will recovery take?” When we are in any kind of pain, we are desperate to know, “How long will it last?”

In Psalm 13, David implores God to answer the question, “How long must I endure this pain?” If only there was an answer, right? When in your life have you begged God for the pain to end?

David was brutally honest with God about how he was feeling. Do you feel comfortable being that honest with God? Why or why not?

As you read this passage, what turns in verses 5 and 6? “But…” 

ACCOUNTABILITY: So even in his pain, David restates his trust and gratefulness that God is in charge. He didn’t allow what he was feeling to dictate his faith. How difficult is that step? Have you ever been in that place? Have you witnessed someone else in that place? 

TRANSFORMATION: It seems as if David’s decision to trust in God was made before he experienced pain. Why do you think that is important? How could that sequence (of making a decision to fully trust God before the suffering strikes) serve you when difficulties come?

How can lament, gut-honest prayers, become a more common expression of your faith journey with God from now on?  Scott Shaum, “The Uninvited Companion”

“I remind myself that suffering is not unique to us. It is the destiny of humanity. If this world were the only one there is, then suffering has the final say and all of us are a sorry lot. But generations of faithful Christians have gone before and will come after, and they have believed or will believe what I believe in the depths of my soul. Jesus is at the center of it all. He defeated sin and death through his crucifixion and resurrection. Then light gradually dawns once again in my heart, and hope returns. I find reason and courage to keep going and to continue believing. Once again my soul increases its capacity for hope as well as for sadness. I end up believing with greater depth and joy than I had before, even in my sorrow.” Jerry Sittser, “A Grace Disguised”

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