We all need a place to be real, right? Weekend services are great – but The myth of the solitary Christian making his or her own way alone flies in the face of everything the Bible teaches about the church as the body of Christ. We cannot make the journey apart from spiritual companions and community.

David Benner

What is a  D3 Group?

D3 groups are small gatherings (we recommend 3-4 people) that gather to grow and encourage one another as disciples of Jesus. We go through a book of the Bible together. Each time we meet, we focus on a chapter or passage. But it’s more than gaining knowledge. How does the passage influence my life? How can I be changed by it? What does it mean for our lives today? 

Each group decides what Book to study, when to meet and where to meet. 

D = Discipleship (Following Jesus. Becoming like Jesus. Doing what Jesus does.) 

3 = Scripture, Accountability & Transformation 

To get connected, contact the small group coach at your location.

Faith Beecher: Contact Bob
Faith Cedar Lake: Contact Orestes
Faith Dyer: Contact Linda | Register for a D3 group
Faith Highland: Contact Tim
Faith Munster: Contact Charles