At Faith Church, we strive to create worship venues for all ages.  In Faith Kids and Faith Students our serving teams foster a safe place physically, emotionally and spiritually so we can all grow in our faith together.  We’ll sing, dance, teach and just have fun together while we learn how to apply God’s word into our lives, our homes and our neighborhoods all for His glory!

Each ministry at every campus is designed to collaborate with the home through each phase of life.  We know how life-giving and how exhausting parenting can be from the sleepless nights to the worrying when and if they are going to make it home safely!  We believe that by working together we have a much better opportunity to have kids and students love Jesus back in their lives. 

Along the way, you’ll hear us talking about the color ORANGE.  Our strategy utilizes the major influences of the home (red) and the church (yellow) and combines them into one vision where everybody has an opportunity to learn and grow in faith!

Infant-5th Grade 6th-12th Grade