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Jesus, Son of God

Headlines from Mark

It is often said that the actions of a person reveal their character. It’s the age old saying, “actions speak louder than words.” If this is true, one of the best ways we get to know Jesus is by looking at what He did. The Book of Mark is action-packed with Jesus feeding 5,000, caring for the sick, challenging false teachings and defeating evil. Get ready for a series that will inspire you to display the nature of God’s kingdom in the here & now.

Jesus Defeats Evil | September 9/10

Jesus is more powerful than the evil forces of this world that seek to harm and hinder God’s work in the world. Let us turn and trust in him to defeat and deliver these forces in our lives!

Jesus Challenges Religious Rules | September 16/17

Jesus broke the human-made religious rules of his time that created undue burdens and offered a false sense of righteousness to the people. Will we follow Jesus into the true freedom we believe or follow the systems he opposed?

Jesus Conquers Death and Disease | September 23/24

Jesus is able to overcome the obstacles that humans can’t solve or defeat, including death itself. Rather than trusting in our limited abilities, let us draw near to him and be astonished and amazed at His power and what he does in our lives.

Jesus Cares For the Masses | September 30/October 1

Rather than ignoring or minimizing the needs he sees, Jesus shows his care in providing what is needed in unexpected and surprising ways. Do we trust him to take care of us? Do we follow his example or do we wait for others to address the needs that we see?

Jesus Cleanses Our Hearts | October 7/8

Instead of focusing on outward standards that are merely skin-deep, Jesus directs us to hone in on our hearts and is able to transform our hearts and, in turn, our conduct. How is he cleaning you from the inside out?

Jesus Outshines All Others | October 14/15

Jesus’s glory as the Son of God outshines all other people and everything else in the world. This means that we should listen to him - are we?

Jesus Confronts Materialism | October 21/22

Our desire for and love for things of this earth can get in the way of following Jesus and finding true life. Therefore, Jesus lovingly confronts and challenges us to consider how we relate to the wealth and possessions we have. Do we love them more than Jesus?

Jesus Serves and Suffers | October 28/29

Jesus’s example of service presents a counter-example to our natural tendency to seek glory and have others serve us, with his suffering for us paying the penalty we deserve for such behavior. Are we serving others in the same way that Jesus modeled for us and died to free us to do?

Jesus Gets Political | November 4/5

Jesus’s offers answers to questions that not only surprise us, but also show us their inadequacy and false pretenses. Instead of making him say what we want, will we let him expand our perspective and let His words challenge the false dichotomies of our polarized age?

Jesus Will Return | November 11/12

Jesus promised to return to earth at a time no one knows. Are we ready and alert for that day?