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The Online Battle

The internet is here to stay and with it comes real challenges. If we navigate our online behavior based on the biblical truths we affirm, it can be an asset to us in healthy and effective ways. But if we are not intentionally and thoughtfully navigating our online tendencies, we leave the door open to the manipulation of our head and heart resulting in catastrophic damage to our character and relationships. Join us as we hear God’s wisdom and receive practical steps to ensure our screens are used for good!

April 10/11 | "Liked" v. Liked

Being liked in the social world is fleeting, lacking and an inadequate measure of worth. Yet the allure to find validation in little thumbs-up and heart emojis is nothing short of addicting. Is it time to consider refraining from being a serial poster or sharing/oversharing to elicit responses from the masses? Yes, being “liked” is momentarily great but being loved is infinitely greater.

April 17/18 | Profile Perception v. Reality

On your social media channels, who do people see? Do they see you or the you, you want them to see - filtered, posed and perfect? In your posts, photos and stories are also YOUR reflection of Jesus, whether intentional or not. Is this reflection of Him true to His character or is it distorted and tainted based on your posting, sharing and clicking?

April 24/25 | True News v. Fake News

The plethora of information online is endless which is both a blessing and curse. The demand for information on anything at any time is high, but finding unbiased truthful information is in short supply. Click bait and partially true headers run our screens and lure our curiosity. But our attention span is short and our ‘sharing’ fingers are fast. Are you diligent in seeking out the truth (and reading the whole post) before sharing it? Are your motivations for sharing information honorable or do you thrive in stirring up drama?

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