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God Always Has a Plan

God’s promise-keeping nature and His power are on abundant display in the Old Testament Book of Exodus in the way that he rescues and delivers His people from slavery in Egypt so that they may live under His rule and with His presence. What is also on abundant display is that those whom God promises to rescue and then powerfully delivers aren’t exceptionally faithful but rather fickle, trusting in Him at one moment and then doubting the next.

June 3/4 | God Remembers His People

In the midst of difficult moments, we must trust that God remembers His promises and His people and is working His plan of redemption even when we can’t see it clearly right now.

June 10/11 | God Equips His People

God brings His deliverance to and through broken and imperfect people so that it is clear that it is His power, rather than the anything within His people, that brings this about. Are you looking at yourself or others - or the Promise-Keeping, Powerful God?

June 17/18 | God Prepares His People

God works in the midst of doubts and opposition, so we should trust His Promises and His Power when there is internal and external resistance.

June 24/25 | God Defends His People

Resistance to God leads to destruction while trust in God leads to deliverance. Which will you experience?

July 1/2 | God Protects His People

We must trust God has the power to keep His promise and deliver us even when the odds don’t seem in our favor because His power is greater than the forces opposing Him and His promise is unending.

July 8/9 | God Provides For His People

Rather than doubting God’s goodness and provision, we should recognize our absolute dependence upon Him and be grateful as we trust Him to deliver us from evil and provide what we need each day.

July 15/16 | God Directs His People

God gives us laws and directives to help stay us faithful to Him and stand as a testimony to the world of His faithfulness. Are we going to stay faithful to Him?

July 22/23 | God Forgives His People

Even when we experience God’s goodness and pledged faithfulness to HIm, we are in danger of turning to idols and thus need to keep our eyes focused on God and His Law.

July 29/30| God Dwells With His People

When we heed God’s instructions, God draws near to us with His overwhelming and amazing presence.