Making Room For more

Capital Campaign | 2023-2026

Through BETTER TOGETHER, we are trusting God to provide $10 million for much-needed construction projects at our Faith Beecher, Cedar Lake and Highland locations.


Facility Expansion  |  $1.75 million


Lower Level Completion  |  $750,000
Worship Center Expansion  |  $3.9 million


West Expansion  |  $2.1 million


Pledged for the Campaign. We thank God for this generous giving!

Frequently Asked Questions

While both locations are having discussions regarding their facilities, they are still in the process of bringing formal recommendations for consideration. We anticipate their recommendations to be of a size and scope that could be covered through God providing excess funds raised through this Better Together campaign or through our regular operating budget. The $10 million for the Better Together campaign should cover all three proposed projects and leave close to a $2 million surplus for future projects.

Our goal would be to collect all funds within three years but understand things may arise during that time. We would like to see a five year hard deadline to closing out this campaign.

This has been a long process of discussions and planning for these locations. Work has already been done on structural and mechanical designs. Because of funds already committed, some work is already underway, including the finishing of Cedar Lake’s lower level. Other work will begin as soon as possible.

While you can definitely do that, you can also give online or even arrange a “gift in kind” or stock transfer. If you have an asset that has appreciated in value, it could be a tax advantage for you to fulfill all or part of your pledge by donating that asset instead. Please talk to your financial advisor and if it is advantageous for you, contact a deacon at your location or our financial office to work through the details.