A little over a year ago, Darcy Krygsheld had a vision of what is now a ministry at Faith Church known as Overcomers Ministry.  Led by a team of four, the passion behind this ministry is for individuals who are in treatment of serious illnesses and his/her caretaker(s) to come together, receive support, pray, worship, have fun, and be in community with one another.  

Overcomers Ministry meets the second and fourth Monday of each month, and also hosts several special events. For example, they celebrated their one-year anniversary with a picnic and had a great turnout. Thanksgiving was also a special time of community for the Overcomers as they celebrated with a warm meal together while blessing and honoring one another. Several times throughout the year, they come together for a night of praise and worship as well.

Those who take part in the Overcomers Ministry come from many different faith or non-faith backgrounds.  Andy Nearpass, who was interviewed for this article as one of the leaders of Overcomers, explained that about half of the group’s members are from Faith Church, and half are from the community or other churches. That is what makes Overcomers Ministry unique. In fact, it is because of this ministry that several individuals came to know Christ.

When asked about a specific memory/moment that stuck out to him, Andy spoke of one individual who was struggling both physically and spiritually. The night he opened up about his struggles, the other members came together and put sticky nametags on him to represent the support system they would be to him in his walk through the remainder of his life. Some time later when this member had passed away, the group attended his funeral and each had a sticky name tag to place on his body. It is in times like this when a group of individuals becomes a family. Together, they go through moments that are good, bad, humorous, challenging, questionable, and strengthening. It is awesome to know that God has been present and faithful through each of these moments.

Faith Church members are invited to pray for the Overcomers Ministry as a whole. More specifically, Andy asks for prayers for each member and caretaker during the times that are especially difficult in their battle against a serious illness. When a bad medical report is received, or there is the loss of a group member, it is hard on everyone involved in that individual’s life. Pray for strength of the group members, leaders, and family/friends of those involved. Also pray for the ministry as a whole as it heads into its second year; pray that it continues to be a time of positive community for the leaders and members.

What a special part of Faith Church the Overcomers Ministry has been and is becoming.  Our God is an awesome God as he remains faithful and gracious through this ministry and every ministry that is part of Faith Church as we build one relationship at a time.

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