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The 4G Life

What does a life reimagined look like in real time? It looks much like going all in and saying yes to God’s best plan for our lives. It looks much like living a life marked by surrender and obedience. It looks much like faith-based stepping out and stepping in when outcomes are not sure. At Faith Church, we’ve simplified living our best life down to 4Gs: Gather, Grow, Give, Go. When we adopt the 4Gs into our schedules and rhythms, we experience the abundant life of meaning and purpose Jesus promised.

Join us as we peer into the real life of Moses who, like us, was prone to wander and make excuses. The lessons learned from his journey impact how we live. Together let’s learn how to adopt the 4Gs in real time, into our real daily lives. When we lean into a better way, we can live a much better

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Meet real people, in real relationships, living real life. Our hope is for their stories to impact your relationship with God and others, and inspire you to be a story-teller of God's transformation too.