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Abdiel Valerio

Faith Students Director | Highland/Munster

Abi Lopez

Worship Leader | Munster

Ally Wimmer

Campus Administrative Assistant | Dyer

Amy Boshears

Special Needs Ministry Campus Director | Highland; Special Needs Teens & Adult Care and Resource Coordinator | Central

Amy Kline

Lead Wedding & Young Couples Coordinator | Central

Andy Nearpass

Care Pastor | Central & Dyer

Andy Schultz

Worship Leader | Highland; Worship Development | Central

Ann Smit

Care Ministry Coordinator | Central

Anne Contreras

Faith Kids Director | Munster; 3-5’s Director | Central

Aubrey Nearpass

Faith Kids Preschool Director | Dyer

Beckie Hayes

Child Care Coordinator | Dyer; Faith Kids Nursery Director | Central & Cedar Lake

Becky Gouwens

Special Needs Ministry Campus Director | Cedar Lake

Beth Dennert

Faith Kids & Faith Students Administrative Coordinator | Dyer

Beth Frank

Coffee Shop & Kitchen Manager | Dyer

Bob Bouwer

Senior Pastor | Central & Dyer

Bonnie Peterson

Office Administrator | Central & Dyer

Brian Dennert

Pastor | Beecher

Bryan Ford

Facilities & Engineering Director | Central

Caleb Chapman

Pastoral Resident/Faith Students | Beecher

Caleb Dutton

Worship Leader & Tech Arts Coordinator | Cedar Lake

Cameron Jones

Pastoral Resident | Munster

Caroline Mueller

Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer | Central

Charlie Contreras

Spiritual Formation and Leadership Pastor | Central; Pastor | Munster

Colton Ebbens

Pastoral Resident/Faith Students | Cedar Lake

Corrie Vos

Missions Director | Central

Dan Vos

Web Director & Graphic Designer | Central

Dave Nearpass

Associate Pastor of Community Life & Outreach | Dyer

Dave Weemhoff

Pastor | Cedar Lake; Multi-Site Director | Central

Domi Edwards

Lead Videographer | Central

Dot Alcorn

Faith Kids Nursery Director | Munster

Doug Justice

Facility Care | Dyer

Elizabeth Stanula-Kuiken

Events Producer & Copy Editor | Central

Gary Meyer

The Ravines Operations Manager

Gina Gaich

Marriage Ministry Director | Central

Grace Trovato

The Ravines Administrative Assistant

Hannah Sikma

Faith Kids Elementary Coordinator | Highland

Jane Ackerman

Assistant Director of Finance | Central

Jason Bultema

Director of Technical Arts | Central; Technical Arts Coordinator | Dyer

Jason DeVries

Executive Pastor & U-Turn Ministries Executive Director | Central

Jennifer Pekny

Faith Kids 3-5’s Director | Cedar Lake

Jill Mance

Coffee Shop Operations Manager | Dyer

John Clausing

Executive Director of Operations | Central

Josie VanDrunen

Assistant Worship Leader | Student Ministry Worship Leader | Dyer

Julie Hanks

Ravines Executive Director | Central

Justin DeVries

Assistant Facilities Care | Highland

Justin Sommer

Faith Students Director | Dyer

Karen Bortko

Administrative Assistant | Cedar Lake

Karla Weemhoff

Executive Director of Communications | Central

Karyn Justice

Communications Coordinator | Central

Kenan Koops

Pastoral Resident | Dyer

Kim Detmar

Director of Finance | Central

Linda Jordan

Guest Services Coordinator | Dyer

Liz Ryan

Faith Kids Elementary Assistant Lead| Dyer

Lori Hofstra

Administrative Assistant | Highland

Mandy Price

Faith Kids Director & Administrative Assistant | Beecher

Marilyn Miller

Director of Adult Formation | Central; Campus Leadership Team | Munster

Mary Cripe

Front Desk Receptionist | Dyer

Mayi Morales

Administrative Assistant | Munster

Mel Bendle

Worship Strategist | Central

Melissa Bultema

Technical Arts Coordinator | Munster

Michelle Perez

Faith Kids Director | Dyer

Minta Naughton

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor | Central & Dyer

Myra Lindquist

Women’s Ministry Director | Central

Nick Dragomir

Pastoral Resident; Database Manager | Central

Nick McCraw

Technical Arts Coordinator | Beecher

Nicole Price

Special Needs Behavior Specialist | Central

Pam Pruim

Financial and Administrative Services | Dyer

Pam VanderMeer

Special Needs Ministry Campus Director | Dyer

Rachel Huizenga

Moms Nation Communication Coordinator | Central

Rebecca Imig

Faith Kids Assistant Director | Beecher

Rebekah Moore

Moms Nation Director | Central

Rhoda Vassar

Facilities Care | Highland

Rich Bawinkel

Associate Care Pastor | Central

Rick Riddering

Director of Community Life | Cedar Lake; Director of Leadership Development | Central

Ronda Huisman

Faith Kids Director | Cedar Lake & Central

Ronnie Holmes

Faith Students Middle School Ministry Director & Faith Students Technical Arts Director | Dyer

Rosy Juran

Faith Kids Assistant | Highland

Ryan Matthysse

Worship & Arts Director | Central & Dyer

Scott Mattingly

Faith Students Director & Worship Leader | Beecher

Scott Munro

Facility Care | Dyer

sean macdonald

Reflectors Kids Program Director and Resource Coordinator | Dyer

Shawnna Russell

Faith Kids Director | Highland

Stacy harvey

Faith Kids 3-5’s Co-Director | Munster

Steve Swing

Security & Safety Manager | Central

Sue Crince

Ravines Counseling Liaison | Central

Tabitha Yannuzzi

The Bookstore Manager | Dyer; Online Ministry Coordinator | Central

Tammy Groen

Faith Kids Nursery Director | Dyer

Tammy Lautenbach

Operations Administrative Assistant | Central

Tim Huizenga

Pastor | Highland

Tim VanDerBilt

Faith Kids Technical Arts Coordinator | Dyer & Central

Trent Heldt

Technical Arts Coordinator | Highland

Trish Miller

Lead Moms Nation Kids Care Coordinator | Central

Valerie Dillon

Front Desk Receptionist | Dyer