The Ravines: Hope for Troubled Marriages


Perhaps you have heard about The Ravines but wanted to know more about what it does and how it is restoring and transforming the world. Here is an article from The Paper that tells us more and also offers a chance to connect to it.

“Is our marriage over?” “Where can we go for help?” “We want to save our marriage, but we can’t get past . . .” Our goal at The Ravines? To show grace and hope for a better marriage with godly intensive counseling.

Couples come to us from all over the country (35 states and counting) and even from outside  the country. They come bruised, hurting, damaged and unsure of the future. Some come in shame; some come angry.

“We describe our lives as ‘BR’ and ‘AR’ – before and after The Ravines,” says Sue from Florida.

“Our marriage was falling apart. We had tried counseling, church and separation,” adds Dan. “The Ravines was truly our ‘last hope.’”

“We started over at The Ravines – we rededicated our marriage to God while we were there,” says Sue.

“No counselor has ever been able to break down my walls,” says Dan. “But our counselor wouldn’t let me    walk away. Now I’m a better husband and can be a better father.”

                                                                                                                                          (Not their real names)

Dan and Sue’s story is like the story of so many couples who come to The Ravines.

Who is The Ravines for?

Many of our couples are in crisis – dealing with infidelity or some type of addictive behavior. Others have just lost one another in the busyness of life. They have prioritized work, kids, even church, and found there’s not much left for their marriage. One pastor described their malady as “mad church disease,” where everyone in the church got their best.

Couples stay for three-plus days and receive 15-18 hours of intensive counseling from our staff of professional Christian therapists. While with us they are served by a host couple.  This is  a volunteer couple who provides meals and coffee and models how a Christian man and wife relate to one another. They are key to what happens during the long weekend. We are also thankful for single hosts.

“Our lives changed a year ago under your prayer and care,” says Dave from Ohio. “We are still together and no one is leaving!”

We need your help!

Often when a marriage is in trouble, so is the bank account. Our army of volunteers helps to keep the cost down. And we subsidize each couple about a $1,000. But it is still out of reach for many. We have a banquet in the spring where people are moved to contribute to the scholarship fund. About one-half of our couples need help. Another exciting way to help with scholarships is a Fun Run, taking place on Saturday, September 23 in Crown Point. Bring your family and have a day of fun, food and music while helping raise scholarship funds for The Ravines. Go to www.thegivinggamesnow.org to register for The Ravines Team! We need your help.

If you are in a troubled marriage or know of a couple who is struggling, please call for a confidential conversation.

“We needed a breakthrough when we came – a reset of sorts,” says Tim of Indianapolis. “We accomplished more in three days than in a decade of counseling.”

The Ravines 219.864.5063       www.TheRavines.org

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