Think Orange


Parenting isn’t easy.  From talking to parents who are trying to get sleep whenever they can get it, to watching a parent make their last shopping trip with their child who is leaving for college the next morning, I have learned that parenting is both challenging and humbling. We are constantly asking ourselves if we are doing it right, but I believe we all have the same end goal in mind as parents.  We want our kids to love Jesus Christ back with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

At Faith Church we have a plan to help make that end goal more likely for all parents. You may have heard about or noticed our color ORANGE.  Two colors, red and yellow, blended together to make the color orange symbolize two influences, the church (yellow) and the home (red), coming together to fuel the faith of our kids.  We need each other.  In fact, when all is said and done about who has more influence on the faith of kids, moms and dads overwhelmingly outdo church ministries and programs.

My kids thoroughly enjoy the ministries for them at Faith Church, but nothing beats a meaningful conversation about faith around a dinner table.  Not that that happens every night, but when it does we want it to be significant and something we can all apply to our lives.  Joni Eareckson Tada recently reminded us that being doers of the word changes lives for God’s glory.  At Faith Church we want to give every family resources to help make that happen.

I’ve spent almost my entire professional career researching how kids learn and reading more books on family than I care to admit.  A simple amazon search for parenting books will yield over 70,000 results.  Yikes!  I’d like to offer just two resources that I trust and that have helped make faith at home easier for my family.

If you haven’t downloaded the Parent Cue app yet, that’s a good place to start. This app has brief tips about how to make meaningful conversations take place.  These can even take place on a car ride to that extra curricular activity! The Parent Cue app also has some of the video stories and lessons that we use from toddlers through high school in case you miss a weekend of worship.

Another resource is called It’s Just a Phase, so Don’t Miss it.  The website is  Here you will find information and tips for every age, infants through seniors in high school.  It offers emotional, physical, mental and spiritual insights into what our kids are going through and how to help them navigate life as well as how to help us engage with them.

We will continue to have ministries where our children, young and old, can worship Jesus and find community at Faith Church.  I hope these resources help your family love Jesus back with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Thanks for worshiping with us at Faith Church!

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