SERIES: Advent: The Gifts we Need (Micah)

TOPIC: Deliverance

TEXT:  Micah 4:6-10


  • The prophet Micah comes to warn the people of Israel about the consequences of their 500 years of rebellion. If you’d like a brief overview of this book, go to https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/micah/ for a 6-minute tutorial. It will help as we spend these next weeks looking at this small but mighty book of the Bible.
  • The poems in this passage tell of God’s future hope for Israel. But first, Micah warns of God’s impending judgment. The pattern of Micah is to tell of judgment and then hope. How does this pattern play out in this passage?
  • Read Micah 2:2 to find one area of disobedience.
  • What is the hope promised in verses 9-10?


  • Micah the prophet was sent by God to warn Israel of their wrong-doing. Who has God’s Spirit used to warn you when you have taken a wrong turn?
  • Can you think of a time in your life when someone warned you? Did you think of that person as a “prophet?”
  • If you are comfortable, share that situation with your group.


  • God sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue, redeem and restore us. How has He done that in your life?
  • As we head into Advent, what better time to make things right with God? Ask Him to show you your blindspots (we all have them).
  • Share with a trusted friend what God is bringing to your mind. Just like Israel, God warns us so He can offer lHis perfect mercy.

“Salvation, not judgment, has the last word. Micah teaches us that God is just, but his mercy is greater.”

Bruce K. Waltke, Professor of Old Testament

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Though Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, He still knows about the problems you face today. Not only does Jesus know what plagues us as a culture, He gets us. Jesus can relate. He was tempted, too. He was disrespected, too. He was doubted, too. He mourned, too. He suffered, too.

Faith Church is joining other churches in the Chicagoland area for the series, He Gets Us. We’ll explore that Jesus knows about our insecurity, exhaustion, anxiety, guilt, loneliness and grief. Join us for this new series as we find assurance in knowing we aren’t alone in this world. We have a Savior who gets us and cares about what we are feeling.

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