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Forgiveness & The Father


Series:  Forgiveness &

Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35

Topic:  Forgiveness & The Father

Questions for discussion:


The discrepancies between the amounts owed by the two slaves are not lost on us. The two amounts are estimated at $1,200,000 and $17. What is Jesus saying by this comparison?

In The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus is praying to the Father. Because He gave it to us as an example, many of us pray this prayer (Matthew 6:12-15) frequently. Talk about the reality of verse 15.


Do you often struggle to forgive someone? What mental steps do you go through as you honestly replay situations? Do you ignore issues of forgiveness? Is defensiveness your first response? Are you generous to those who have wronged you? Do you typically let anyone else know about your process and help you decide where to land?


Verse 35 is pretty striking! “So also my heavenly Father will do to you, if each of you does not forgive your brother from your heart.” In light of these strong words from Jesus, is there anything you need to take care of? Any relationship? Any unforgiveness remaining in your soul?

Thought for the week: “It is not enough to know God and to understand the challenge of God’s forgiveness. We are called to love God so that we are willing to risk embodying God’s forgiveness in our lives and in our world.” L.Gregory Jones and Celestin Musekura


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