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Series:  He Gets Us

Topic:  He gets our insecurity

Text: John 10:27-30


  •  Insecurity can sneak up on all of us – are we “enough,” are we being who we should be and doing what we should do? Jesus gently reminds us of His constant care and compassion for those who are His children.
  • There are some pretty significant definitive statements in this passage. List them.
  • Think of other Scripture passages that refer to us as “sheep.”
  • What is the relationship of the sheep to the shepherd?
  • How would you summarize this passage in  your own words?


  • Describe an area of your life that feels insecure.
  • All of us have felt un- or under-valued at some point. Can you share that experience with your group?
  • What do you see in yourself that few others get to see?


  • How do you “hear His voice?”
  • What is the source of our value?
  • How does it make you feel that you are “known by God?”
  • You matter to God! Spend time in prayer focusing on His overwhelming love for you.

“Pride is a by-product of insecurity. And the more insecure a person is, the more monuments they need to build. There is a fine line between ‘Thy kingdom come’ and ‘my kingdom come.’ If you cross the line, your relationship with God is self-serving. You aren’t serving God. You are using God. You aren’t building altars to God. You are building monuments to yourself.”   Mark Batterson (author of “Draw the Circle”)

Most of these questions are from the He Gets Us Devotional. Be sure to have your group members pick up a copy of the devotional at any Faith location.

Here is a link to the He Gets Us Leaders Guide. 


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