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Joy in the World


Continue the Conversation Questions
Great Joy | Scripture Reference: Psalm 98
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

  1. What is your favorite Christmas song or hymn? Why? Ponder the words of your favorite song – what does it tell us about Jesus and the story of Christmas?
  2. Read the words to “Joy to the World.” What do you notice about who and what has joy and why?
  3. Are you finding joy in this Christmas season? What is giving you joy?  What is getting in the way of giving you joy?
  4. Psalm 98:1-3 talks about how God has worked salvation and made his saving work known. What are ways in your life you have seen God at work – both recently and throughout your life?
  5. Psalm 98:7-8 (and last week in Isaiah 55) speaks of created world (rivers, hills, mountains, etc.) clapping and praising God – what might this mean and how should this affect our view of the created world?
  6. Psalm 98:9 speaks about joy in the context of coming to judge the earth. How and why can that bring us joy? How does that relate to Christmas?
  7. The Psalm speaks about people from all nations and in all places singing songs and shouting for joy. Who in your life needs to hear the message of great joy this Christmas season?

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