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Waiting with Love


Series: Waiting for God Knows What

Text:   Isaiah 61:1  and Luke 4:16-21

Topic: Waiting with Love

Questions for discussion:


These two passages are linked because the first is about what WILL HAPPEN and the second is about what HAPPENS. Luke 4 begins to describe Jesus’ earthly ministry, and He tells those in the synagogue who He is – the Messiah. Talk about all the actions mentioned in Luke 4:20-22, and what your thoughts are on the meaning of those actions.


The book of Isaiah was written at one of the worst times in the history of the people of Israel. The words in 61:1 were meant to bring hope. How do those same words bring hope to you (in a difficult time in our history)? 


Do your day-to-day actions show your hope in Jesus’ return? Are you “waiting with love?” Or does your life reflect the hopelessness you see in others?  What one change can you make today to begin showing your hope in Jesus to those around you?

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