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Wanted: Joel [Alias: The Bug Prophet]


Continue the Conversation Questions
Minor Prophets| Scripture Reference: Joel 2:18-29
Discuss the following questions with your Small Group:

  1. Was there a time when you felt far from GOD?  Or a time when you walked away from the Lord? Share.
  2. What comes to mind when you think about prophets in the OT?  Without looking, how many of the prophetic books of the Bible can you name?
  3. Beginning in Joel 2 we find the following these words:
    Return to Me; return to the LORD your GOD  [vs. 12 & 13]
    Rend your hearts   [vs. 13]
    Relent   [vs. 14]
    Restore  [vs. 25]
    What do you believe these phrases mean?
  4. Sin affects all creation.  What does GOD say He will restore in this passage?
  5. Has the Lord restored to you years that the locust has eaten?
  6. In verse 27 the LORD says He is in the midst of His people.  What promise does He give, and where do we see this being fulfilled in Scripture?
  7. What takeaway do you have from the book of Joel?

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