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We are people who search for answers. Vast amounts of data and the instantaneous accessibility of it, lure us into thinking we are in the know and are wise, knowledgeable experts. But wisdom is believing, trusting and incorporating God’s unchanging truth into our lives in real and meaningful ways. It is the intermingling of mind, heart and Spirit. In his kindness, God gave us a complete book full of practical life principles to guide us. Join us as we lean in to listen, and as together we learn to trust and obey.

July 9/10 | A Word to the Wise: Fear the Lord

When we fear, revere and respect God, we will gain wisdom that leads us to rely on His sovereign plans and purposes for our lives.

July 16/17 | A Word to the Wise: Listen to Godly Advice

Who speaks into you? Who do you speak into? Godly advice is a gift that helps guide us through life and wisely makes sense of the noise in our world.

July 23/24 | A Word to the Wise: Protect your Heart

We are all tempted to follow our own way and pursue what makes us happy. Wisdom guards our hearts and thoughts from the attacks of our enemy and urges us to develop healthy relationships that honor God.

July 30/31 | A Word to the Wise: Find your People

We are better together and when we navigate the hills and valleys of life in the Christian community, we find the wisdom of God, the grace of Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit transforming us to be more like Him. Are you allowing the wisdom of the body of Christ to help you on your journey? How are you using the wisdom you receive?

August 6/7 | A Word to the Wise: Be Humble

The Proverbs remind us that we have many limits and shortcomings. Thus, we need to receive wisdom with humility. There is great wisdom in following the example of Jesus, to seek what is best for His Kingdom, and to live humbly as we glorify Him.

August 13/14 | A Word to the Wise: Don't Be Stupid

We are called to be wise and have been given instructions for life. God's Word says that if we reject Biblical wisdom and try to make our own way, we are brutish and stupid. Let's not be stupid.