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What would happen if we ReFramed our story within a greater context? Might we obliterate the prevalent disconnect between the story of Scripture and the story of our lives? What if faith actually intersected with all of life: our jobs, responsibilities, relationships and world? Might it alter how we understand and live into and live out our own stories?

Join us for a 5-week journey down the road less traveled, the Emmaus Road. As we keep step together, we'll learn the stories and answer the questions that impact our lives today. With fresh eyes we'll begin to view the Gospel in a whole new way, encountering Jesus afresh each and every day.

January 1/2 | What story do you find yourself in?

Like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, it can be difficult to see Jesus in the different places we find ourselves. But He is present in every aspect of our lives, giving us opportunities to be ambassadors to our culture.

January 8/9 | What is the story of Scripture?

The biblical story reframes our perspective of God and ourselves. It all points to Jesus as King. How does your story fit into God's story?

January 15/16 | How do you engage with culture?

Do you have an identity crisis? Cultural messages try to shape us, while as followers of Jesus, our identity and story should be rooted in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

January 22/23 | Where do you live?

We are exiles, resident foreigners, pilgrims in this world. But with eternal residency in the kingdom of God, we can be ambassadors for His kingdom. Does your story fit with God's story?

January 29/30 | Who & what do you represent?

Work as worship. Through your vocation, you are called to be ambassadors of the kingdom. Does your story fit with God's story?