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Stepping into the Lord's Prayer

Whether read, recited or sung The Lord’s Prayer resonates with the churched and unchurched alike. Its familiar phrases roll off the tongue effortlessly. But what if The Lord's Prayer is more than a rote recitation? When Jesus unveiled this blueprint, he did so to guide our uniquely personal conversations with God. Enter in the space where you and God live, dwell, and abide together. Your heart is his home. Enter in... where true life happens.

May 28/29 | Engaging the Architect

Did you know Faith Church has a manual specifying procedure in the event of extreme weather situations? It's not a bureaucratic to-do list but rather an authority on protocol. It's for your safety, well-being and best interest. We follow it to the letter because we love you. The same is true with the Bible. It's THE authority on truth, not one of many options to be considered. It specifies everything needed to weather the storms of life.

June 4/5 | The Porch

This space declares the majesty, power, wonder and otherness of God. Enter in the porch for the bird's eye view of the goodness and splendor of Our Father.

June 11/12 | The Office

This space is dedicated to plotting, planning and problem solving. Here is where pen, paper, vision and strategy collide. Our Father has a plan beyond all we can think and imagine. Enter in and listen close to find your purpose and place.

June 18/19 | The Kitchen

This space mesmerizes the senses. It's comfortable and warm and you soak in how thoroughly Our Father has provided every last thing that we could need. His provision spans our physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Enter in, pull up a stool and wait for a minute to see what his hand has prepared for you.

June 25/26 | The Family Room

This is the space where we sit with each other and have the hard conversations. We come clean with Our Father and own the totality of our sin. Here we work it out with him and with each other because he lovingly and sternly tells us to. Enter in and sit face to face. Confess, make amends, reconcile. Do what love takes.

July 2/3 | The Hallway

This is the space where boundary walls protect. Enter in the hallway and lean into the strength and refuge of Our Father.