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A World In Need

The neediness of our world is glaring. We look no further than the headlines, the social feeds, and within our hearts to see the longing for something more. The desire to be known and loved is palpable. As people long ago waited for something different, we do too. Our eyes can see and our hearts experience a new way, ushered in by the only one with the authority to do so. We embrace abundant hope, truest love, overflowing joy, and deep peace. It’s not about what the world needs; it’s all about the Who. We know his name to be Jesus but he is far more than an infant royal on a bed of straw.

November 27/28 | Hope in the Crusher of Evil

Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden is what caused things in our world to go horribly wrong but also the cause of Christmas, as Jesus is the seed of the woman who comes to crush Satan through his life of obedience and death on the cross. What evils in this world do you look to Jesus to crush? How is he crushing evil in your life even now?

December 4/5 | Peace in the Blesser of All Nations

In a world filled with division and conflict between peoples and nations, Jesus comes to be a blessing to all the nations, with all those who turn to him in faith and repentance being welcomed to his table. Who can you share the blessing of Jesus with this Christmas season?

December 11/12 | Joy in the Prophetic Teacher

ust as Moses gave the law to the people of Israel to instruct them how to live as God’s people, so Jesus comes to instruct us of what God expects of us - showing that it goes much deeper than our actions to our hearts. We will fail to keep this law perfectly, but Jesus does and then transforms our hearts to be able to walk in a manner pleasing to God. How are you doing in terms of listening to and following the law as taught by Jesus?

December 18/19 | Love in the Perfect Ruler

The greatest king in the history of God’s people was David, but he was imperfect and his work incomplete, pointing to a king whose reign would be eternal and bring everlasting peace to the world. Do you see Jesus as the only perfect ruler, who is both ruling now and whose complete rule on earth we look forward to? Are we loyal to him in the waiting?

December 26 | Transformation in the Promise Keeper

As we move into a new year, we see that there is hope found for forgiveness and transformation through the new covenant that God promised through Jeremiah and brought about through Jesus. Communion is a reminder of the promise and its fulfillment, causing us to look back at God’s promises and fulfillment and forward to God’s working in our lives and in our world.