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Tough Conversations

You are invited into a thoughtful conversation. Over the course of 5-weeks, we’ll seek to process today’s headlines within the context of a Biblical worldview. What might happen if we humbly engage with those who are different from us, who think differently, who act differently, who believe differently? What might happen if we relearn the art of understanding and civility, if our tones and words leaked kindness and compassion, if we chose to be listeners and sincere learners, if we spoke truth with sensitivity and grace? How might those who share our tables, offices and locker rooms be transformed? How might we be transformed?

October 16/17 | Transgender Identities

October 23/24 | Sexuality

The covenant of marriage is the context for human sexuality, with all expressions outside of this union between a man and a woman diminishing God’s design and misdirecting its purposes.

October 30/31 | Mental Health & Depression

It is important both to understand what is going on inside of our hearts and minds and also the various ways that God has given us to tend to these struggles in the midst of the complexities of this world.

November 6/7 | Abuse

Christ’s love for us compels us to shine His light into dark places of this world, confronting rather than covering over the reality of abuse by seeking to defend/protect the vulnerable, care for the hurting, and stand up to those who mistreat our fellow image bearers.

November 13/14 | Racism

Various approaches, theories, and programs to address racial tensions seem to be leading to more conflict, divisions, and tensions. Human-centered approaches do not bring resolution and transformation to our society, while a Christian approach helps us properly see others for who God has made them to be, address sinful attitudes that lead to unloving actions by individuals and groups, and celebrates the reality of a diverse group of people Christ is redeeming for himself.