Find a Group

We all need a place to be real, right? Weekend services are great – but it’s not the setting to develop deep relationships. We are built to be in relationship, in community with others.

At Faith we believe finding that “place to be real” is a critical part of everyone’s spiritual journey, to know others and to be known. There are many opportunities we offer to become part of a vibrant community. 

Life Groups 

Life can be wonderful and life can be hard. What makes the wonderful times better and the hard times bearable? Having a friend to walk through those times with you. 

Challenge Groups

Are you sensing God nudging you to take the next step in your walk with Him? Join a Challenge Group, one which will offer deeper conversations as you grow in your faith and in relationship with others. 

Support Groups 

When challenges and difficulties come into our lives, it is often helpful to be with others facing similar trials.